De grootste en leukste caviashow van Europa

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Showprogram Caviadag Tiel

Saterday 30 april 2022

After two years absence, we are delighted to be returning for our 12th Caviadag Tiel show. For you, we are organizing a fun, educational day with lots of great sportsmanship. As you are used to from our previous shows, our participants never go home empty-handed, and every person who enters receives a small present and many goodies.

Important information
Show committee: J.H. Schop, B. van Dijk & K. van Esse
Show secretary: J.H. Schop
Contact details: or 06-54216065 (Jan)
Show location: Verenigingsgebouw TKV, Bulkweg 1, 4005 LB Tiel
Closing date entries: April 10, 2022. There is a maximum entry of 1000 guinea pigs and 125 pets. The above closing date is final, or sooner if our maximum number is reached.

Schedule (expected):
Penning cavies 8:00 – 8:45
Start judging 9:00
Best in show judging 15:30
Winner’s ceremony 16:00
Cleaning showroom 16:30

Judges – Pure breeds Caviadag Tiel: (subject to change)
Aly Bennink
Pieta Kraaijeveld
Ilse Hollander
Carla Swaap
Manuela Eilander
Wilma Flokstra
Fons Verrijdt
Henk Beltman
Sasia Köhler (Germany)
Patrick Staniec (Germany)
Niklas Kirchhoff (Germany)
Andreas Reinert (Germany)
Luc de Donder (Belgium)
Jens Lindgren (Sweden)
Darren Fieldhouse (Sweden)

Judges – Pet show Caviadag Tiel: (subject to change)
Ruben Borst
Annechien Willemsen-Kits
Kaatje van Esse
Petra Weeren

Sales cages
Animal welfare considerations mean that it is no longer permitted to sell animals during the show from a means of transport such as transport crates, cardboard boxes or travel baskets. It is possible to reserve a sales cage (size 50x50cm), suitable for 2 (maximum) adults or 3 to 4 (maximum) young cavies. A maximum of 2 cages can be reserved per exhibitor/address. There must be a minimum of 4 entries for 1 sales cage and a minimum of 8 entries for 2 sales cages. Costs are €2.50 per cage. There are a total of 72 cages available, when they are full, they are full!

You have the option to place an advertisement in our A4 sized show catalogue. A whole page (portrait, A4) costs €10.00, a half page (landscape, A5) costs €7.50 and a quarter page (portrait) is €5.00.
Submit adverts before April 10, 2022, and preferably in photo or PDF file.

Coronavirus COVID-19
As an organisation we are responsible for our exhibitors and visitors. We consider the current guidelines when organizing our event. Consequently, changes to the program may apply and will be published via our website and Facebook page. 

Show regulations
We kindly ask you to read the following regulations carefully. If you do not agree with these regulations, the Show Committee reserves the right to refuse you as an exhibitor. This applies prior to our event as well as on the day of the event itself.

General regulations:

  • This show is organised under the show regulations of the Nederlandse Caviafokkers Club (NCC). Each exhibitor is expected to be familiar with the following rules. The NCC secretary will be available during the opening times of the show. This show must be seen as a promotional day for our club (NCC), as described in the rules of our main club FB (KLN).
  • The cavies will be held in show cages, provided by the organisation, and will prepared with shavings and plastic walls in each cage. The cavies must have a plaster with number, which will be sent to your home address. The plaster must be put on the left ear of the cavy (the left ear of a cavy from the cavies’ perspective).
  • During the show it is not allowed for exhibitors to take cavies out of their show cages and leave the showroom, without permission of the show committee, unless the exhibition committee decides otherwise or appoints you as a volunteer during the judging day.
  • The entry fee is €2.50 per cavy. The catalogue is €3.50 per household/family. Administration fee €2.50 per household/family. The entry fee and other costs must be paid, even if you have absent cavies or you cannot be present.
  • You are not permitted to bring your own food and drinks to the showroom during the show, unless you have permission from the show committee.
  • The show committee cannot be held responsible for any losses of animals or lost goods, nor is it possible to claim any money from the show committee in these cases.
  • All tasks during the show day, such as writers, or helpers for the judges are appointed by the show committee
  • In all cases in which the above rules do not provide clarity, the show committee can decide on behalf of the NCC.

Other regulations:

  • You must transport all your animals in and via clean, spacious and well-ventilated means of transport. This applies to the registered show animals, and also to your sales and reserved animals.
  • You must provide all your animals with food (pellets, hay and/or green food) AND water supply (this can be a water bottle or water bowl). We ask you to remove any material (such as cable ties) after the exhibition.
  • Animals will be sold from exhibition cages, no longer from individual boxes / crates / trays. For an explanation, see under “sales cages”.
  • If you cannot agree with these regulations, the exhibition committee reserves the right to refuse you as a participant. This applies prior to our event as well as on the day of the event itself.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
With your registration you automatically give permission for the recording and use of your data for the processing of your entry form and the sending of the necessary information and documents for the show day. Your address and contact details will not appear in our catalogue, unless you have included them yourself in your advertisement. By entering the exhibition location, you automatically give permission for the taking of photo and/or video images during the event, which we might use on our website, social media, flyers, posters and/or advertisements.

Not a NCC member?
Because our show is a club day, the pure breed judging will only be for the members of the Nederlandse Caviafokkers Club (NCC). If you are not yet a member of the NCC, we can offer you the opportunity to participate in our show: you can participate in our show once for a fee of €5 which you should add to the registration/entry fee. Your animals are then eligible for the entire prize schedule of the breed judging. If, after the show, you wish to become a member of the NCC, you pay only €10 extra and you are a member of our association for the rest of that year. Please note: this promotion is a one-time only offer and you cannot participate in every club day in this way. Participation in the pet class does not require any membership.